#Day1 of #My21DayLeave
Just completed doing my hand over wohoho!
It’s been a while. How have you been guys?
What a year 2021 has been!
Unexpected and the busiest for sure yet blissfully awesome is how I would describe it!
I have soared so high, yet had some not so high moments LoL
I registered great success in many aspects of my life, yet had to learn and relearn a couple LoLI also gained some new friendships and expanded my network as well, yet I left many behind, save for a few here and there.
There are times that I laughed so hard, as I felt the ocean breeze hit my face or danced in the wild as wild animals stared at my wild self, yet there are times, I cried myself to sleep because church hurt is the worst kind of hurt anybody could go through.

There are also a number of times I wanted to give up, but God wouldn’t let me. Instead, God’s purpose for me in this world kept me awake at night. I was not going to give up. God was counting on me. Generations were counting on me. And the question they were all going to ask me is not about the magnitude of the storm I experienced but whether I brought the ship.

So, I made a resolve to always show up even when my body/soul/spirit is overwhelmed. I have learned to rely on God 100% and still, let other people step in and help me. I have also learned to encourage myself in the Lord and put up a fight, even when life no longer seems to serve me.

Sometimes, I admit, I am too hard on myself but understanding the mystery of God’s mercy softens my heart and I get to see myself and the world through His eyes. Therefore, I get to be gracious to myself and that has changed my view/perspective towards life and the people around me.

When I look at what I have achieved this year, only His grace can explain it. It can only be God. Ever so present, like literally. I have never let God guide me in my career like I have this year. Constant fellowship and communication with God was my new year resolution this year and I think I scored well.
The Holy Spirit is my best friend; I have never known this kind of love and commitment. I would have made such grievous mistakes this year, but His grace and mercy guided me and ordered my steps.

Yet in ALL these things, I am so grateful to God for giving me the gift of life. For being so kind to me, even when it was not warranted. God’s many-sided wisdom and incomparable insight have guided me and are shaping me to become the best of myself, as per His abilities and capabilities resident in me. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Hey, what is ahead of you? I know your heart could be heavy from those nights but just draw strength from God’s love. You’re gonna be okay. Just like Jenn Jenson said, “Take one step closer, put one foot in front of the other. You’ll get through this.” Why? Because you are more than a conqueror. You ‘passed’ conquering a long time ago LoL. Christ dwelling in you is your victory. Take advantage of this truth and His grace and go rule your world. Remember you have overcome the world and its systems by the faith of our Lord, Jesus Christ! All those challenges are a mirage.

What has God said about you in His Word? Go to His Word and find out what He says about that situation and put that Word to work. Exercise your faith. Do what you could not do before. The Word of God has never failed and it won’t start with you.

Cheer up. The Word of God works!

I am praying for you and with you! You’re gonna be OK for sure!!!

Much love,