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Documenting stories of 100 women impacting their worlds
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A word from Nexcellent Tuluba.

One of the things that I love to do is read and watch stories of women changing their worlds. I like to listen to them talk about their journeys and their advice to the young women. I like to listen to them talk about how they tackle issues, what inspires them among other things. The knowledge gained kinda helps me bridge the gap between my ambition and the achievements I want to attain.
However, unfortunately, there are very few African women featured on these platforms. This does not mean in any way that there are no women changing their worlds in Africa. It is just that their stories have not been documented. For example, when I sat back and looked at our church community, I could count many women who have defied all odds to become powerhouses but very few people knew about them.
With this passion and burden, I was inspired to go on a journey where I would document stories of 100 women who are impacting their worlds with the investment, God has deposited in their personality, in Africa.
It has been an interesting journey. I have always thrilled in empowering women, even if it is on a small scale. I believe that no woman should be punished her entire life for a misstep she made once, whether it was intentional or not. I believe that God can restore everything including wasted years. I believe that a woman has the ability to influence everyone around her through love and the investment God has put in her personality. I believe that being a feminist has everything to do with supporting women and empowering them to be the best of themselves and has nothing to do with telling them to become like their male counterparts or compete with them. I believe that if a woman will take her place, the place God had in mind when He was creating her, then she will be unstoppable.
In a world of increasing strife, protest, division, and fear, can you imagine what it would look like, if Godly women modelled unity, peace, diplomacy, and love? The world is in dire need of women who are dangerously awake, fully alive, and unified in heart and purpose; women who will not fight and compete for positions or for men but women who will step into greater authority. And together we will lift our collective voice to speak out for the orphan, the destitute, and the lost.
And you beloved, are a force the world has never known. You are a woman changing her world and it is my honour and privilege to ask you to be part of the #WomanChangingWorldCampaign. I am inviting you to share your story with the world. I know your values, your story and your personality will influence other women to think like you and aspire to your aspirations.

With love,
Nexcellent Tuluba.

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