A few months ago, I was in the middle of a very intense project and its success was highly dependent on my organization as the team leader. One Saturday, while I was in the house responding to some emails, God told me, “You need new wisdom to deal with the last phase of this project. It’s gonna get tough and you will require new wisdom to navigate through it without offense and the frustrations that will be caused by unnecessary delayed approvals/uncooperativeness of some parties.”

See, Christ living in me is my wisdom so when God told me that I needed new wisdom, I did not understand what He meant quite well. So, I did what I know works always. I took 1 hour to pray in the spirit and stir the wisdom of God already in me. As I prayed, I received new insight, wisdom and understanding. I even had a glimpse of what was ahead and what I needed to do. After that 1 hour, I knew it was settled. Needless to say that after a few days, I now knew why God wanted me to pray. Despite the frustrations, I did not take anything personally and I managed to register excellent results in the end.

When everybody was on the verge of giving up, I maintained my joy because I had already prayed and God had assured me of a victorious end. Of course, I made sure that I also brought an atmosphere of clarity and joy to the team, despite all the back and forth.

One of the things that I have really taken advantage of in this walk of faith is the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Even when I get so busy, I ensure that I am in constant and continual fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I talk to Him and I listen to Him too. He guides me into all truths. He is like that still small voice in my heart that is ALWAYS communicating truths and direction. This always ensures that nothing in my life catches me off guard. My life is also the manifestation of God in human form because I am totally in sync with His Word through the Holy Spirit.

For example, a few weeks ago, the Holy Spirit put it in my heart to separate the house keys since my cousin is staying with me. I didn’t see the need of staying with a pair at the time coz she was always in the house studying online during the recent lockdown. That morning before going to the office after the Holy Spirit’s counsel, I told her that I would separate the keys later that evening. Hahaha but later that afternoon, she somehow locked herself outside (long story). We had to get somebody to break the door. I wasn’t even angry because the Holy Spirit had already given me the instruction. I just had not acted on it promptly. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit will even put it in my heart to do a report over the weekend and submit it on Monday, a report that I have never been asked to do before. And when I do it or don’t do it, I find it being requested for urgently on Monday morning LoL.

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is very real to me. It is not just a Sunday thing. He is the Helper Jesus talked about in John 14:26. There are many times that He has given me ideas or strategies that are truly extraordinary. That is why He is the Extraordinary Strategist! He also notifies me of things before they happen. He will ask me to pray for a friend even before they make that call. I actually owe my career to Him. He has taught me everything I do today because I didn’t study for it in school. He is my friend and my best friend. I trust Him with my life. I listen to His counsel and obey ‘blindly’ because I know He has my best interests at heart. He is actually interested in my success & wellbeing even more than I am. He is with me, in me and for me. That is why I am comfortable with praying in tongues even when I don’t know what I am saying at that moment. Because I know He is praying through me and it must definitely be for my good.

Brothers and sisters, take advantage of the ministry of the Holy Spirit today. What is God saying to you today, now, at this moment? Are you making the Word of God of no effect through the words you utter and the thoughts you process concerning yourself? I know things look very complicated at the moment but what is God saying to you? Beloved, shut down the noise and listen to what God is saying to you NOW. Then take the Word of God as Gospel because it never fails no matter what! The Word of God works always!!

I am praying with and for you.