A while back, a Youtube couple shocked the world when they revealed that they had rehomed their previously adopted baby who had severe autism. The couple had adopted the 2-year-old child from China who according to medical professionals, would never be able to do simple things like being potty trained, speaking, among other things because of brain damage. Fast forward, 2 years later, the adopted parents, as they put it, had been forced to give up the baby because of the difficulty of raising him up and had therefore gone ahead to rehome the 4-year-old with another family.

Of course, the corporate world did not take this lightly with many companies dropping them as their brand ambassadors and canceling their sponsorship deals. There was also a petition by their fans which was signed by thousands of online users for the couple to pull down any content that related to this specific kid because they felt the couple exploited the adoption opportunity and the challenges involved in raising their adopted son to gain millions of Youtube followers. Filming the China adoption and the kid settling in with the rest of their kids gained them thousands of followers and millions of views.

Interestingly, the word, rehome, was among the most searched words online that year because their millions of followers wanted to understand the situation. Basically, everyone’s concern was that the kid had begun to experience stability and get comfortable in a family of 4 kids for 2 years, only to be handed over to another family to start all over again. I watched a video where the couple explained in tears, the difficulty of raising the kid but the online community was not having it with many asking if the couple would rehome the kid if he was biological. The backlash was so major that it was even featured on international news outlets such as BBC with many people saying, a child was not like a dog that you adopted from the pound then return in 14 days if they weren’t a good fit.

Anyway, it was a sad situation altogether and even difficult to judge…..but do you know that this is how many Christians perceive God? Their relationship with God is close to the situation described above. They have not understood that they are accepted in the beloved for good. So they live every day trying to please an ‘angry God’ who will strike them anytime He feels like it and gets rid of them.

Beloved, God bought you with a price. Your worth is the value of Christ. I mean for Jesus to die for you, it must have meant that God thought of you as equally valuable to His Son. See yourself this way. Think of yourself this way.
The day you received Christ as your Personal Saviour, you received the power to become a son of God. Being born again means that you are born of the incorruptible seed i.e. the Word of God. John said you hail from God. Salvation is permanent. There is no way you can lose salvation. No way. Even when you backslide, you are backsliding in Christ and only revelation knowledge can get you out of there and deliver you into your inheritance.

Salvation means you have passed from death to life. When you got born again, you literally passed from death to life.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life (John 5:24 KJV.)

The Greek implication of the phrase, ‘passed from death unto life,’ is like there being a river with a bridge then after your cross to the other side, the bridge is completely destroyed so that you can’t go back. Salvation is that permanent. You are a child of God. Now, purpose to grow and enjoy the process.

Beloved, what manner of love is this. That we should become the sons of God!! It is a done deal. You cannot lose your sonship. And to be this confident of His love for you, you have to deliberately study the Word of God so that you can process the right information about yourself which will cause you to see yourself in the right light. For example, if you feel inadequate or ‘not good enough’, get to the Word and find out what God said about you.

To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved Ephesians 1:6

Papa God is the one who has made us accepted in the beloved so there is no need to keep trying to get acceptance. You are accepted and loved in Christ. It is a done deal! And that is what counts! Cheer up brethren! God chose you before you even knew Him. He qualified you and even prearranged the paths you would walk here on earth. Child of God, you’re God’s masterpiece, the epitome of God’s beauty and the manifestation of God’s thinking walking on 2 feet! You’re already accepted in the beloved! That is what counts!

With love,
Nexcellent Tuluba